Esteban Carisimo

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CS Department @ Northwestern University

Hi there!

I’m Esteban Carisimo, a Postdoctoral Researcher at AquaLab, a group at the Department of Computer Science of Northwestern University. My research focuses on diverse aspects of the Internet topology, including IXPs, CDNs, transit diversity, network congestion with also interdisciplinary approaches to these topics. Prior to joining Northwestern, I obtained Doctoral (2020) and Engineering (2014) degrees from Universidad de Buenos Aires, where I was also appointed as Adjunct Professor of the Department of Computer Science of the School of Engineering between 2020 and 2021.


Jul 3, 2023 Our interdisplinary work about network shutdowns is going to appear on SIGCOMM 2023!
Feb 4, 2023 We have released as2org+ code Go to the repo!
Jan 28, 2023 Augusto’s thesis work was accepted as one of the papers to appear in PAM 2023!
Mar 21, 2022 Our blog post about our state-owned ASes appeared as a guest post APNIC’s blog!
Feb 3, 2022 We had two papers accepted at PAM 2022!

selected publications

  1. Destination Unreachable: Characterizing Internet Outages and Shutdowns
    Bischof, Zachary, Pitcher, Kennedy,  Carisimo, Esteban, Meng, Amanda, Nunes, Rafaek, Padmanabhan, Ramakrishna, Roberts, Margaret E., Snoeren, Alex C., and Dainotti, Alberto
    In ACM SIGCOMM 2023
  2. Identifying ASes of State-Owned Internet Operators
    Carisimo, Esteban, Gamero-Garrido, Alexander, Snoeren, Alex C., and Dainotti, Alberto
    In ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2021